Track C

Just in case you need to hear some more Track C. I think this might be close to their total short lived output from the early 80s. Track C was Mikko Biffle and Scott Moon.

Urban Turban – Scott Moon

Improvised solo track by Scott Moon, using Folktek Matter and Conduit, Shapeshifter, Rings, Elements, Morpheus, Stillson Hammer 2 and some other stuff.

Do The Deviation – Track C

I realized it’s been over a month since the last post.
Track C was a short lived duo consisting of Mikko Biffle and Scott Moon that played only one gig in Santa Cruz, CA during the early 80’s. Here is a track for someone’s enjoyment.

Protecting National $ecurity

Protecting National $ecurity – Musical composition by Mikko Biffle, Video generated by Pixel Satan, Ending titles music by Scott Moon. Interview content from John Malkin’s, Free Radio Santa Cruz, 2014 interview with John and Bonnie Raines discussing the release of reporter Betty Medsger’s book, “The Burglary”, recounting their involvement in the March 8, 1971 FBI hq break in and discovery the government domestic spy operation COINTELPRO under the Nixon-Hoover administraion.


A video of human faces. Music improvised 12/12/09 by The Lunar Asylum. Text excerpts from Wikipedia.